My signature Daisy cupcake

CLASSIC – signature Daisy cupcake

Festive Log Cupcake

LUX – Festive Log Cupcake

Look for the match Celebration Cake

DESIGNER – Cherry Blossom Cupcake

Classic               Lux          Designer

For 12                                           £16                         £18              From £20

For 24                                          £30                         £34             From £35

Cupcake Bouquets start from £25 for 8 cupcake bouquet, boxed or potted

For larger cupcake orders, please contact me for price


All cakes are bespoke, come boxed and can be collected or delivered within North Lanarkshire. 


Celebration Cakes

The bigger and more decoration on a cake the more expensive, with a standard round cake being usually 8″, but as a guide here are some examples of cakes I’ve made and the price of each….

Cheeky Monkey Cake

Cheeky Monkey Cake 8″ – £35

Jack Daniel's Bottle Cake

Jack Daniel’s Bottle Cake 12″ – £55

Casino Cake 14" board - £90

Casino Cake 14″ board – £80


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