September Weekend

This post comes today from my comfy couch, on a wet, cold Monday morning – but a Monday off so it has it’s advantages.

I am resting after a busy few days of baking and thought I’d share with you some little things I’ve learned along the way.

It has been a ‘baking for family’ weekend and so I tried a couple of new recipes as well as some old faithfuls.  My Mocha Cake – a particular favourite as I love all things coffee -was gobbled up in 2 sittings revealing that day 2 cake tastes even better!  The recipe bakes in a loaf tin but due to the exceptional rise given by the whipped egg whites, I’m going to try it next time in a round tin and triple layer it.  Not enough coffee butter icing for my taste though, so a double batch for my triple layer should make it phenomenal, topped off with some chocolate shaped coffee beans.

I’ve often wondered why they sell real coffee beans covered in chocolate – who wants to eat real coffee beans??  tip! I get my chocolate shaped coffee beans from decorate! range which I bought at Dobbies garden centre

Chocolate Paradise cupcakes – mmmm!  I like this recipe, so simple yet really effective.  If you like chocolate and you like coconut, these are the ones for you.  A chocolate cupcake covered in a gooey marshmallow topping sprinkled with coconut and a drizzle of chocolate on top, delicious and they went down a treat – doggy bags were required!

   However, you know when you get in a recipe that says – ‘leave aside to cool’, like chocolate or melted marshmallow – I      never  know how long to cool for – is it cool for 5 minutes? is it 20 minutes? cool enough to stick your finger in? those are the things that could make or break a cake, so I will endeavour to find this out.

Off now to look at some Minnie Mouse cake ideas, happy baking!