The things you learn…

At the weekend I overcame one of my big cake fears, using a cake leveller.  Not the most dramatic of revelations I admit but when you have had many wonky cakes over the years, a piece of kit that can do it easily, quicker and with a lot less hammering of the heart and holding of breath gets my vote.

So why haven’t I used one before I hear you ask?  Well, plain and simple – I didn’t know how!  It looks a bit like a bandsaw but the ‘blade’ is actually a bit of wire and not terribly sharp, so how does it actually work?

Well, here is a few tips for any of you cake amateurs like me

  1. Keep the feet of it on the work surface you are leaning on and if one rubber foot wears away, remove the other to keep level
  2. start at the corner of the cake or if its a circular cake make a small cut with a very sharp knife to get started
  3. then just move it back and forth – a bit like a bandsaw in fact – don’t be shy, give it wellie!

So, I’m off to try my brand spanking new cake leveller to level both a square and a circular cake and I will keep you posted on its virgin flight.

Yvonne x


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